Custom work in pneumatics

More than 25 years of specialism in designing, producing and delivering pneumatic systems

Providing solutions for various types of industries

Railways & Transport

Our products play an important role in railway door and brake systems internationally. With the help of our own design and manufacturing facilities, Tecair is able to produce flexible solutions with strong customer focus.


Food industry

Pneumatic components for the food industry are manufactured with great care to meet all safety requirements. Tecair has lots of experience in producing cheese press lines and pneumatic components for the dairy industry.

Chemical industry

The chemical industry regularly works with highly aggressive acids. The company’s products have been developed with corrosion resistance, which means they are protected against the most extreme applications.

Other industry

Our range of products does not stop with these industries. Go to ‘read more’ for an overview of other pneumatic components.

Tecair B.V. acquired
By Dacke Industri

Dacke Industri acquired 70% of the shares of Tecair B.V. on December 8. Dacke Industri is expanding internationally with this acquisition. This acquisition fits well with their ambition to grow and develop with companies focused on their own products and customized components and systems. “With Tecair B.V. we strengthen the Air Technology and Electromechanics division with attractive technology areas where we can further expand our markets,” said Dacke Industri.

Tecair designs, manufactures & supplies pneumatic components.

TECAIR B.V., originating from Tebel Pneumatiek, designs, manufactures, and supplies pneumatic systems and components to customers in various sectors of industry based all over the world. As all design and manufacturing are done in house, Tecair is able to fully meet the requirements of its customers in terms of quality, price, delivery time and materials.