About us

Tecair has been developing and manufacturing pneumatic components and systems for well over 20 years. Thanks to the specialised knowledge, Tecair serves Companies in various industries, including the food industry, chemical industry and railway industry supplying Companies all over the world. Tecair is fully equipped to design (in 3D), manufacture and test pneumatic systems and components. With a flexible and customer-oriented approach, the Company supplies tailor made pneumatic solutions to you.

The company provides a wide and impressive range of standard products and specials that have been developed for specific applications. For a full package the Company can also  install and maintain pneumatic equipment supplied.

The history of Tecair

Tecair’s history started in 1880 when plumber Abraham Bijlenga founded a machine factory in the center of Leeuwarden. In the 1920s, Bijlenga started with the production of cheese preparation equipment. He changed the name of his Company into Tebel. Which became well-known and remains today.

During the 1960s, the company was sold to a management buy-out. In the coming years Tebel expanded in the production and development of products for the ‘rolling stock’ market, both national and international.  Parts, components, door controls and magnetic brakes.

In 1992 Tebel expanded further and purchased the Philips location (TPME) in Leeuwarden. The Company moved to this location and changed the Company name into the “Transferia Technologies Group”. Pneumatic parts were sold under the trade name “Transferia Pneumatics”. In 1996 most of Transferia’s activities were sold to the Swedish Sab Wabco company. Sab Wabco didn’t buy the production facilities of “Transferia” or NoordNed. The production facilities were moved to NoordNed.  From this time onwards Sab Wabco bought all the machined parts for the door equipment from NoordNed.

In 1997 NoordNed went into administration and all activities were sold. The pneumatics production was bought by two employees of NoordNed: Klaas Zaagemans and Marco Markus. October 1st, 1997 saw the start of the new company called Tecair. In 2016 Klaas Zaagemans retired and Marco Markus became the sole owner of Tecair.

Bureau Veritas assessed the quality processes of Tecair and the company now has  ISO9001; 2015 accreditation.

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In addition to the supply of our standard products, Tecair is very keen to assist with any requests for tailor made designs. Be it a different size, shape or application do not hesitate to put the company to the test.


Quality, reliability and safety

Our top priority is a high quality, reliable and safe product or service. Many years of experience allows its expert team to understand what it takes to design, manufacture and supply perfect pneumatic components or systems.


Years of experience

Tecair has over 20 years of experience, and no one knows better what works for your company than Tecair’s expert team. Over many decades the Company has grown into the professional organisation that exists today. Tecair really is the specialist in customised pneumatic product and services. pneumatics.

Whistleblowing service

At Tecair, we strive to maintain an open business climate and a high level of business ethics. The Whistleblower function is a channel for sounding alarms about deviations from our ethical guidelines. The channel can be used when you suspect that our ethical guidelines are not being complied with, for example at:

  • Financial irregularities and corruption
  • Serious harassment and discrimination
  • Safety risks in the workplace
  • Environmental crime

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