The products of Tecair

Tecair designs, manufactures and supplies pneumatic systems and components to customers around the world in various sectors of industry. Both design and production are done in-house. Delivering high-quality and reliable products is what the company strives for. In addition to its standard products, Tecair also provides customization. Tecair loves a challenge so feel free to test its expertise.

Railways and transport

Our products play an important role in railway door and brake systems on the international stage. With the help of its own design and manufacturing facilities, it is able to produce a flexible and focused customer approach.

Lifting cylinder for pneumatically operated magnetic brakes
The pneumatically operated magnetic brake is equipped with lifting cylinders, used to assist on emergency stops or as a parking brake. By activating the magnetic brake, the braking distance of a train can be reduced by 30%. The lifting cylinders ensure that the brake shoe reaches the rails. In the standard position, the force of the springs inside the cylinders is sufficient to keep the brake off the track.

Release cylinder
Cylinder for unlocking train couplers.

Control block
Our manifolds (monoblocs) integrate various valve functions.

Food industry

We produce against the highest quality standards. Pneumatic components for the food industry are manufactured with great care and meet all safety requirements. The company has lots of experience in producing cheese press lines and pneumatic components for the dairy industry.

Cheese pressing cylinders
Our cheese press cylinders are easy to clean due to the round shaped plastic caps. This design is both innovative and hygienic.

Block pressing cylinder
The block pressing cylinder is a compact dosing cylinder that is used for weighing and cutting cheese to size. Manufactured out of stainless steel it is suitable for making cheese in various shapes.

Epoxy-coated cylinder
Epoxy-coated cylinders are designed for multifunctional usage. The epoxy coating provides anti-corrosion protection.

Chemical industry

The chemical industry often works with very aggressive acids. Our products are corrosion resistant and capable of withstanding very extreme conditions.

Booster cylinder
By integrating three stainless steel cylinders into one, a powerful cylinder has been realised. The booster cylinder has been designed to open and close butterfly valves used in the petrochemical industry.

Rodless cylinder
Our rodless cylinder is exceptionally suitable for applications in an aggressive environment with acids such as nitric, sulfur or hydrochloric.

Corrosion resistant diaphragm valve
The anti-corrosion diaphragm valve is designed to seal pipes.

Other Sectors

Our range of products goes beyond the industrial sectors previously mentioned.
Some examples:

Air-cushioned silo cylinder
The air-cushioned silo cylinder is mainly used for opening and closing compartments on Heavy Duty trucks.  Thanks to the unique air buffering system, the cylinder balances itself whilst unloading making it fast and very efficient.

Various valves
Tecair offers a wide variety of valves, suitable for all kinds of applications.

Plastic cylinder
The caps and the tube of this cylinder are made of plastic. This pneumatic cylinder is light weight, corrosion-resistant and available in both cushioned and non-cushioned versions.